Gallipoli, Greece, Crete and back again


Over the past four years, I’ve been working on my writing project, my first novel. In a nutshell, it’s a historical fiction set in New Zealand during the Second World War. My leading characters are unique in that they are all Maori, which means that I will not only be writing about universal themes – love, loss, and belonging – I’m also writing about my people and culture.

In just over two weeks, I depart for Europe. I’ll visit Turkey to attend the Gallipoli Centenary celebrations then travel to Athens and Greece to visit historic Second World War sites. The trip marks a turning point for me as a big portion of my book is set in Greece, in particular, Crete, and I’ve been planning to visit for the past two years. I’m excited that the opportunity has finally arrived, but in the same instance I’ve also realized that I have no more excuses not to finish my book once I get back! The self-imposed deadline I’ve set myself is daunting but needless to say it had to be done!

At the same time I’m excited about my upcoming trip, a whirlwind itinerary to say the least. This blog as well as documenting my travels will also depict my journey this year to complete my book. So here goes- a novel in a year, maybe a bit of heartburn and anxiety but for a labour of love it should be worth it.

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